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Holland High Tech supports the sector by funding research and innovation and by finding the right partners in the business community, and within government and education. Herewith, they contribute to the international perspective.

Value for the Dutch high tech industry

Society drives demand for morefastersmallerless energy consumption and greater diversification. There is constant pressure to develop new technology that will also lead to a requirement for the next generation of devices and applications. In other words, electronic components and systems with more and new functionality and greater embedded electronic computing power.

For example, electronic devices for consumers such as calculators, mobile phones, laptops/notebooks, LED lights, flat panel displays, digital cameras, game consoles, electric cars, and solar power systems. But also for professional applications such as medical and industrial equipment.

In short, innovation in the areas of the production equipment for and the technology of advanced integrated circuits: miniaturisation of components, heterogeneous integration of chips and substrates, manufacturing and assembly techniques.

Semiconductor Equipment Road Map

In the Holland High Tech 2024-2027 Road Map you can read how the sector will develop in the next years. This road map is a stakeholder vision of the R&D needs of the Dutch sector associated with this technology in the period up to 2027. This road map is intended as a guideline that sets out a further development path for the industry and its stakeholders, and defines a supportive strategy for government, to ensure optimal continued development in partnership with education and adjacent sectors and to contribute to solutions in this decade.

Learn more

High Tech NL Semiconductors contributes to the development and updating of the Road Map Semiconductor Equipment. Read more about Holland High Tech/Road Map Semiconductor Equipment.

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