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High Tech NL Life Sciences brings biomedical solutions to global issues from lab to fab. Five extra years of life for every Dutch person and considerably less animal testing by 2040: this is what we, as the high-tech sector, are aiming for.

By connecting companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities, we are creating a thriving ecosystem in biomedical production technology.

Together, we will make organ-on-a-chip, lab-on-a-chip, artificial organs and (stem)cell production technology possible on a large scale, thereby taking a giant step forward for international public health.

Thanks to the National Growth Fund program NXTGEN HIGHTECH, High Tech NL Life Sciences has begun in 2023. From the High Tech Campus Eindhoven, we drive national collaboration within the biotech sector. In doing so, we also draw on the knowledge network that we, as sector organization High Tech NL, have built up over the past decade, including in the fields of semiconductors, robotics and key related technologies.


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High Tech NL Life Sciences brings biomedical solutions from lab to fab. We connect companies, knowledge institutions and public authorities.

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