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The EU Chip Act and the Role of European Pilot Lines

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Introduction to the EU Chip Act

The Semiconductor industry in the European Union is currently facing geopolitical tensions and global supply chain issues. In response, Europe is investing in the European Chip Act, a regulatory initiative designed to strengthen and secure the European semiconductor industry and its supply chains. The aim is to enhance competitiveness and increase global market share. This investment is a critical step towards making Europe less dependent on external sources of semiconductors and securing the continent’s technological sovereignty.

The 4 Pilot Lines

Under the umbrella of the Chip Act, four centers of excellence, known as pilot lines, have currently been approved to centralize and coordinate European research, development, and pilot production activities in strategic technology areas. These include sub-2 nm design and production, wide-band-gap power semiconductors, a higher level of integration in transistors using FD-SOI (fully depleted silicon on insulator), and advanced heterogeneous integration. Located strategically in Leuven, Catania, Grenoble, and Dresden, each center specializes in a crucial segment to shape the future of European technological innovations.

The Netherlands and the Chip NL Competence Center

As part of this broader European effort, a collaborative network has emerged in the Netherlands between High Tech NL and several other Dutch institutes, such as Oost NL, TNO, Brainport Development, and Chiptech Twente. Together, they are preparing a project plan for establishing the Chip NL Competence Center. Scheduled to start operations in January 2025, this center will act as a hub for coordinating the supply and demand of competencies throughout the Netherlands and across Europe. This will not only help connect Dutch companies with European pilot lines but also promote knowledge sharing and innovation within the sector. This initiative exemplifies how national efforts and European cooperation can work hand in hand to build a stronger, more connected technology ecosystem in Europe.


Additional Information

Check out the following links for more information about the pilot lines for the Competence Center:



For more information get in contact with Tom van der Dussen ( & Marco Koelink (

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