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ROCKET Reloaded; new projects started

The Interreg project ROCKET (RegiOnal Collaboration on Key Enabling Technologies) is started in 2016 to foster cooperation between technology companies on both sides of the German-Dutch border. At the closing event of the initial first phase of ROCKET in February this year, it was concluded that this setup was very fruitful.

Various ROCKET innovation projects such as “ElastoTweezers” and “TriboSurf” find their applications in various fields of technology according to the content goal of ROCKET for the promotion of key technologies in the areas such as nanotechnology, microsystems technology, micro- and nanoelectronics, innovative materials and materials as well as photonics. Another very successful ROCKET example is “SuperSurf”. This program is the winner of the German-Dutch Prize for Economics 2019. The Supersurfs consortium combines strength in an upcoming market and is building a big new fuel inspection machine.

Thanks to these excellent results from ROCKET, the innovation project has continued in ROCKET Reloaded. Within the ROCKET Reloaded context, new projects have been started:

While these projects are running, we would again like to pursue the next step forward:
New technologies are coming up which brings new business opportunities for technology companies. Sometimes these technologies offer business opportunities that are positioned outside the existing business scope of companies. This is where network organizations and clusters can contribute: connecting people and companies towards new value chains.


A few examples:

Medical Solution

Especially in the field of medical technology, a lot is moving; new medical insights provide new medical treatments that can only be made possible by applying a combination of new technology solutions. Microfluidics and new sensing techniques are part of the solution….

At HighTechNL, we are bringing parties together, who can bring this new treatment closer to realization.


RF opportunities

Also in the field of RF, there are new opportunities in various fields of applications.

Within our Semiconductor cluster, Holland Semiconductors would like to gather a group of companies and specialists around the table to brainstorm about these new fields of RF technology and explore new business opportunities.


With regional support from Oost NL and partners like the Noviotech Campus en Radboud University, a great field of opportunities lies ahead.

We would like to invite our members to join this journey. Let’s think outside our toolbox….!


For more information:
Contact Richard Visser, cluster manager Holland Semiconductors


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