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Regional think tank supports companies with joint RF expertise

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RF Technology

Radiofrequency (RF) technology. We might not be aware of it, but we use it daily. In our smartphones, microwaves, self-driving cars. In all these devices, RF technology plays a crucial role. And soon perhaps also in your organization. Because there is more to RF technology.

RF technology has very specific characteristics that could improve processes within your company. For example, heating, drying, sterilizing, thawing, measuring, transporting image and sound information, lighting, and even a chemical property to treat surfaces with.

We want to bring this special technology to your attention. Perhaps you have good ideas but you lack the knowledge of this technology. We can help you estimate what RF technology can contribute to your company.


RF-Think Tank

High Tech NLOost NL, and Novio Tech Campus, therefore, join forces and launch the ‘RF-Think Tank’. As part of the Interreg program ‘ROCKET Reloaded’, the objective of the RF-Think Tank is to make this diverse technology and its possibilities, visible in other industries.

Experienced RF specialists combine their knowledge to answer your questions, evaluate ideas, and initiate them. We offer you an opportunity to be at the cutting edge on RF innovations and how to apply them for the benefit of your business.

Are you interested in the RF-Think Tank and the possibilities of RF technology for your organization? Please contact Richard Visser (High Tech NL; 06-13926194 or Ian de Graaff (Oost NL; 06-48623188

Let’s meet soon in the RF-Think Tank!
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