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Reflecting on a Successful Silicon Saxony Day: Strengthening Future Collaborations

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Our first time participating as a regional partner at Silicon Saxony Day was a great success. We look back on an inspiring day filled with fruitful conversations with international companies, setting the stage for future collaborations.

During the event, important discussions took place between Tom van der Dussen, Thomas Kralinski (State Minister), Claudine Clignett (Innovation Attaché, Dutch Embassy in Berlin), Frank Bösenberg (Director of Silicon Saxony) and Ivan Stojanovic (NXTGEN domainlead semiconductors). Their meeting focused on collaborations between both Semiconductor sectors in the Netherlands and Germany, exploring ways to improve our cooperation. One important topic is to develop initiatives to re-shore ‘packaging as a service’ into the European continent.

Of course, there was also strong interest towards the EU Chip Act and upcoming competence centers. All of these initiatives show how these can boost growth and innovation in our industry. The timing of these discussions at Silicon Saxony Day was perfect, providing a great platform to share ideas and strategies.

The enthusiasm was clear as they talked about the next steps, including arranging meetings between companies involved to discuss these topics further. The positive reactions and eagerness to continue these talks highlight the importance of such gatherings.

Looking ahead, we are excited about the opportunities to deepen our partnerships and drive forward technological advancements together. The foundation laid during Silicon Saxony Day sets a promising path for ongoing collaboration and innovation in the semiconductor sector.

As we continue to build these relationships, we remain committed to our core values of connection, collaboration, and innovation. We look forward to the opportunities that lie ahead and are confident that by working together, we can make great strides in strengthening the semiconductor landscape in both the Netherlands and Germany together with Silicon Saxony.

Next stop: the SEMICON Europa exhibition in Munich mid-November!

Copyright: Tommy Halfter /Silicon Saxony e. V.

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