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Recap on Network meeting Holland High Tech Roadmap Electronics 29 feb 2024

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On 29th February 2024, we organized the network meeting Roadmap Electronics in Collaboration with Prodrive and Holland High Tech. It was the first meeting of a series of networking activities centered around Electronics. This event, characterized by enthusiastic participation and a spirit of collaboration, set the stage for future dialogues on themes and topics crucial to the industry. Hosted graciously by Prodrive Technologies, this inaugural edition paved the way for insightful discussions and promising partnerships.

From power-saving technologies to superconductor applications in Health Tech, the spectrum of possibilities was vast and inspiring. Prodrive Technologies, in particular, expressed interest in advancements such as silent MRI technology, underscoring their commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. 

Company Highlights

Among the notable participants, Neways Electronics stood out with its customer-driven approach to technology applications. With a focus on mobility and Health Tech, Neways serves as a pivotal player in the regional ecosystem, contributing to developments such as the GaNext project for power management solutions. Their emphasis on sustainability aligns with the industry’s growing awareness of environmental concerns.

Insightful Tours

Attendees were treated to informative tours showcasing the technological prowess of Prodrive Technologies. The tours left a lasting impression, highlighting the impressive strides made in Electronics.  


Holland High Tech’s Role

The event also shed light on the pivotal role of organizations like Holland High Tech (HHT) in driving the Netherlands’ technological prosperity. Through strategic programs and collaborative funding initiatives, HHT plays a crucial role in nurturing the ecosystem of innovation. With long-term project plans in place, HHT ensures that the nation remains at the forefront of technological advancement. 

Academic Contributions

Universiteit Twente showcased its commitment to strengthening the micro-electronics ecosystem through comprehensive roadmaps aligned with HHT’s objectives. By mapping key technologies to high-tech topics, the university contributes significantly to the nation’s technological landscape, fostering innovation and research excellence. 

Future network meetings

This was the first meeting of a series of network meetings for the semiconductor industry. Of course, we are open to suggestions for themes/topics of interest ánd hosting locations. If you have some great suggestions, please let us know. Contact Tom van der Dussen. Follow us (on LinkedIn) to keep up to date on all our future events! 

This event was organized by the HTSM Roadmap Electronics team, High Tech NL and Prodrive. Powered by a Holland High Tech MIT-Network activities (MIT-regelingNetwerkActiviteiten) grant. 

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