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LioniX International contributes decades of PIC/MEMS experience to FLEXIT

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Since 2001, LioniX International has been driving technological and commercial developments in their specialist fields of photonic integrated circuits (PICs) and micro-electromechanical systems (MEMS), ultimately becoming a leading provider of customised microsystem solutions globally. As a vertically integrated company, they work across all stages of the production process, from design to the delivery of a finished module. Their world-class fabrication facilities also allow them to scale production volumes as customer requirements grow. These are just some of the skills and assets that they are now applying to the FLEXIT project.

Besides the high-quality services that they provide, the strength of LioniX International lies in the creativity of their problem solving. By building multidisciplinary project teams together with customers and by asking the right questions at the right time, they deliver solutions that not only answer problems but also boost their customers’ business. This makes them an ideal partner for FLEXIT, which brings together 11 organisations that span the entire ecosystem of Dutch integrated photonics and requires a communicative, cross-discipline approach to collaboration.

Within this, LioniX International is providing Si3N4-based chips using their proprietary and patented TriPleX® platform in two use-cases: hybrid tunable lasers and 100 Gb/s transceivers. LioniX International has developed a robust method to fabricate flexible TriPleX® fingers in which the amount of out-of-plane bending can be accurately engineered by choosing the right finger length, stress pad geometry and shape.

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