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Holland High Tech Pavilion again present at SEMICON Europa

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SEMICON Europa 2023: 14-17 November at Messe Münich

High Tech NL Semiconductors again organizes a joint Holland High Tech Pavilion presenting the Dutch semiconductor ecosystem and showing the strength of the Netherlands: the creative collaboration between end product producers and the supply chain. We will be present in Hall B, booth #B1233. Save the date and visit us!

Discover the Netherlands’ dynamic and innovative semicon sector

The Netherlands is one of the few countries in the world, to have a complete value chain within its borders. From applied research, design architecture, the production of chips and the equipment required to make them, through to system integration and actual applications. The Netherlands also has a large base of companies that provide equipment for the semiconductor manufacturing sector.

Co-exhibitors on the Holland High Tech Pavilion

We are proud to present the following list of co-exhibitors:

  • Axelera AI “We are on a journey to lead the democratization of Artificial Intelligence. By offering faster, easy-to-use AI acceleration while minimizing power and cost, we simplify AI at the Edge.”
  • Ceetak Ltd “We are the Engineered Seeling Solutions Specialists. We’re a leading provider of sealing solutions globally; working with you to solve all your sealing needs.”
  • ChipTech Twente “Europe’s gateway for innovative chip design and heterogeneous systems. We have the ambition to build a strong Dutch semicon cluster, with a focus on integration of heterogeneous systems for chips. Because in Twente we have a perfect position for that!”
  • Elect BV “Elect High-Tech Electronics assembles and produces PCBs, substrates, modules and complete systems. With 20 years experience Elect has acquired an unique market position with a successful track record of long-term relationships based on trust from its customers.”
  • FononTech “Micro-electronic parts are becoming smaller and smaller and are placed ever closer together, often in complex, layered structures. Traditional manufacturing techniques are stretched to the limit. Our Impulse Printing™ Technology solution will push through this limit.”
  • HITEC Power Protection “As the original inventors of Dynamic UPS systems, we pledge to continue designing, developing and manufacturing state-of-the-art UPS systems and to deliver reliable power across the globe.”
  • KMWE Precision BV “KMWE designs, builds and continuously improves high tech components, modules and systems based on precision engineering and machining. We believe in a fast and flexible approach, based on a long-term vision.”
  • LouwersHanique/Millux “We are a customer driven supplier that processes technical glass, ceramics and other special material combinations. With more than 70 years of experience in working on complex, high precision solutions for high tech companies, we make your technical challenge our priority.”
  • NewCosmos – BIE “Gas detection is industry specific. At New Cosmos – BIE, we serve many industries. Each industry has its own needs, we understand what is important to you. As a sensor manufacturer we are in control to create unique sensor solutions, suitable for your application. As a detector manufacturer we add features suitable for your needs.”
  • NTS Group “As a first-tier contract manufacturer in (opto-) mechatronic systems and mechanical modules, we take the technological development of our OEM customers to the next level.”
  • Odyssey Europe BV “The World’s Largest Dedicated RF, DC, Microwave Equipment Repair Company since 2000. Procedures and processes developed over many years are designed for repeatable success in our repairs and to give our customers a high level of confidence that we will do it right, the first time.”
  • Philips – MEMS and Micro Devices “We design, develop and manufacture custom microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) and assemble micro devices. Our 140 experts follow a phase-gated approach to demonstrate the feasibility and give proof of concept, develop the process to the required maturity level and manufacture your devices with the right quality.”
  • PhotonDelta “As a leading integrated photonics ecosystem, PhotonDelta is an end-to-end value chain for photonic chips that designs, develops, and manufactures innovative solutions that contribute to a better world.”
  • Raith “As a world leading manufacturer of nanofabrication instrumentation, Raith helps customers to achieve great results in their field of work. Raith supplies the best solutions for nanofabrication, electron beam lithography, FIB-SEM nanofabrication, nanoengineering, large area SEM imaging and IC reverse engineering applications.”
  • RESER Europe “RESER is a company specialized in the refurbishment of robots, pre-aligners & loadports for the semiconductor industry. We have a lot of experience in the repair and refurbishment of wafer handling equipment manufactured by Genmark, Brooks, PRI/Equipe, Yaskawa, Rorze, Axcelis, Kensington, Asyst, IDE, Cybeq and several others. We also provide service and spare parts for ASM diffusion furnace systems. “
  • Salland Engineering Europe BV “We are an international leading Test Technology & Engineering company specialized in solutions & services that enable semiconductor manufacturers to improve the efficiency and quality of their testing. Salland Engineering is in business since 1992.”
  • Solutions on Silicon – SoS “Solutions on Silicon is the smart and flexible partner of choice in the Semiconductor/MEMS industry for equipment, repair and supply of spare-parts and process support.”
  • Tempress “Our purpose is to support customers in the semiconductors, power, MEMS, photonics, solar, life sciences and coating markets to produce advanced materials and devices with high added value innovative furnace solutions. With over 50 years of heritage in developing and producing diffusion and deposition equipment and related processes.”
  • Tomoegawa Co. Ltd “We are a development-oriented company that expands and grows globally with all employees participating. As a pioneer in responding to various needs and creating new value, TOMOEGAWA sincerely strives to improve customer satisfaction.”

About SEMICON Europa 2023: Chips powering the data age

SEMICON Europa 2023 is co-located with productronica 2023. SEMICON Europa attracts media representatives from major trade, business and general interest publications from around the world. Before, during and after the exposition, the SEMI public relations staff works to address the needs of the visiting media and exhibitors, providing general information to and facilitating communications between the media and exhibiting companies.

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