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July 6, 2021, Follow-up | Cyber Security, Circle of Trust

July 6, 2021, Follow-up | Cyber Security, Circle of Trust

The follow-up session Cyber Security, Circle of Trust is scheduled for Tuesday, July 6 from 16.00-17.30.
The purpose of this meeting is to establish a Cyber Security Platform consisting of Holland Semiconductor members. This session is targeted at the CISO, CIO, or IT Security Manager within your organization.  As mentioned, this will be the beginning of a special interest group that will regularly come together and actively share under Chatham House rules, Cyber Threat Intel, Best Practices, in a trusted environment without any commercial pressure. It will also be a platform for collaborating with Law enforcement. (Read the full article on this topic, written by Tom van der Dussen (High Tech NL) and Piet Bel (ASML). 


In that context, prior to the follow-up webinar, we would like to ask you some questions regarding the contact person within your organization when it comes to cybersecurity and the role that your company could play in this platform. 
We need you to play an active role in the next steps. This matter concerns all of our companies! Please check within your organization who can join and be part of the platform! Please fill in the following form (3 minutes).

Platform Semiconductor Cyber Security Form


Follow-up session | Cyber Security, Circle of Trust

Date | Tuesday, July 6, 2021
Time | 16.00-17.30h
Location | Online session

For whom

This webinar is intended for CEOs / directors and IT (security) managers. The goal is to unite CEOs, IT Managers, CISO, and Security managers from all of our members.



16.00 | Welcome 
by Willem Endhoven, Managing Director, High Tech NL, and Tom van der Dussen, Project Manager Holland Semiconductors

16.05 | Round Table introductions, Who is Who ( role + company)
by All participants

16.15 | ‘Semiconductor Circle of Trust, governance, mission, vision’
by Piet Bel, External Relations Manager, ASML Security

16.30 | ‘Experiences and benefits of working together and sharing in your sector’,
by Danny Jaspers, NCSC

16.45 | ‘Cyber Game’ 
by Matthieu Paques, KPMG

16.50 | Interactive session, What are relevant topics for you and what do you expect? 
by Tom van der Dussen, Project manager Holland Semiconductors and Piet Bel, External Relations Manager, ASML Security

17.15 | Agenda for September-December

17.30 | End


More information on developing and building an ‘ISAC’ workgroup.
DTC – Handreiking opstellen samenwerkingsbijeenkomst
NCSC – Handreiking start an ISAC / Sectoraal samenwerken

We hope to welcome you on July 6!

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