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SEMICON Japan 2023 & Holland High Tech Pavilion

Tokyo, Japan
13-12-2023 untill 15-12-2023
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SEMICON Japan is the premier event that brings together the semiconductor manufacturing supply chain for the latest insights, trends, and innovations as the industry powers digital transformation. SEMICON Japan 2023 will highlight Smart applications powered by semiconductor technology such as automotive and Internet of Things (IoT).

For more information: SEMICON Japan 2023

Holland High Tech Pavilion

Also this year, the Netherlands will be present with a Holland High Tech Pavilion. High Tech NL Semiconductors, in close collaboration with the Dutch Embassy in Tokyo, will be organizing the Pavilion.

SEMICON Japan will take place in the Tokyo Big Sight venue, where our booth is located in East Hall 3 (booth nr. 3320)

We are proud to present the following co-exhibitors at the Holland High Tech Pavilion:

  • AxeleraAI – “We are on a journey to lead the democratization of Artificial Intelligence. By offering faster, easy-to-use AI acceleration while minimizing power and cost, we simplify AI at the Edge.”
  • Boschman Technologies – “We are  a high-tech, solution driven Dutch company focusing on advanced packaging solutions. We specialize in the development and supply of advanced transfer molding and sintering systems. Besides the development and supply of advanced equipment solutions we regularly join forces with R&D departments of our customers to co-develop and research innovative packaging concepts.  We strongly believe that early involvement in the development process is a prerequisite to obtain the highest quality, reliable  processes, the lowest cost of ownership and the shortest time to market.”
  • Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. – “At Bronkhorst, we develop and manufacture smart, sustainable and customer-specific low flow instruments and solutions from our vibrant base in Ruurlo in the Achterhoek region of the Netherlands. Our precise and reliable mass flow meters and controllers for liquids and gases find their way in laboratories, test-benches, machinery and a wide variety of industries.”
  • Chip Integration Technology Center – “CITC is a non-profit, joint innovation center specializing in heterogeneous integration and advanced chip packaging technology. We have created an effective ecosystem in which companies, research and educational institutes work on bridging the gap between academics and industry. CITC was founded in 2019 with strategic partners TNO and Delft University of Technology and is supported by local and regional governments.”
  • Demcon – “The company was created as a result of the passion of its founders for solving challenging technological and social problems. We develop high-quality, innovative, complex systems and products, and can also take care of production ourselves. This way we create value for our customers. In a society faced by major challenges, we carry out projects that have a positive impact on people and the world they live in. We work on smart applications in various sectors, such as healthcare, safety, water, energy, production and communication. In addition to technological innovation we also devote our efforts to promoting entrepreneurship and investing in talent and education.”
  • Fastmicro – “We enable process quality engineers to make reliable decisions on where and how to improve their cleanliness processes and deliver consistent quality products.  And ultimately, achieve high equipment performance for their end users. Fastmicro helps with reducing yield losses and keeping up with ever-increasing cleanliness requirements. Fastmicro was founded after 15 years of research and development based on technology co-developed with the research institute TNO. In the meantime, Fastmicro has delivered installations in seven countries worldwide. Our customers are involved throughout the processes of the whole supply chain.”
  • Nearfield Instruments – “Nearfield Instruments is a semiconductor metrology equipment company developing and delivering ground-breaking process control metrology solutions for the worldwide advanced semiconductor I.C. manufacturing industry. Nearfield Instruments B.V. was founded in January 2016 as a spin-off of TNO.  It is difficult to imagine the modern world without electronics. Cloud computing, mobile communication, big data, to name a few, rely on the continuous rapid advancement of electronics and its core technology: interconnects, in short chips. To achieve new functionalities and to make optimum use of the available wafer space IC devices will shrink to atomic scale dimensions using novel, sensitive materials while at the same time being designed in full three-dimensional configurations. The company strives to accommodate these trends in a technologically and economically viable way by developing and offering daringly innovative solutions to process control challenges in the premium nano-electronics industry.”
  • Sempro Technologies – “Sempro is the expert in trim & form and singulation solutions for the semiconductor and microelectronics industries. The customers’ success is always our priority. We combine extensive analytical research with the best available expertise to create the optimum solution for each client. Our solutions combine decades of experience with the latest technology in the field. We work closely with our customers to identify and understand their unique requirements, this ensures that our world-class, custom solutions offer complete reliability and the highest performance.”
  • Tempress – “Our purpose is to support customers in the semiconductors, power, MEMS, photonics, solar, life sciences and coating markets to produce advanced materials and devices with high added value innovative furnace solutions. With over 50 years of heritage in developing and producing diffusion and deposition equipment and related processes.”
  • TNO – “Smaller, more powerful chips. This is the goal that the semiconductor industry pursues each and every day. And we’re helping them with our solutions for semiconductor equipment. The challenge is to produce these chips as cost-effectively as possible. We’re the ideal partner for designing this semiconductor equipment, as we create new solutions that drive the development of our industrial partners. And we’re unlocking new opportunities for the semiconductor industry of the future.”


The Holland High Tech Pavilion at SEMICON Japan 2023 is powered by:




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