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World Circular Economic Forum

Brussels, Belgium
15-04-2024 untill 18-04-2024
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The upcoming Word Circular Economic Forum will take place in Brussels between the 15th-18th of April and it focuses on accelerating the transition to a circular economy, emphasizing actionable strategies and showcasing real-world examples of implementation.

The World Circular Economy Forum (WCEF), organized by Finland and Sitra, the Finnish Innovation Fund, is a leading event in the circular economy domain since 2017, and acts as a meeting point for business, government, academia, and civil society. It provides a platform for sharing knowledge and expertise, building networks and partnerships, and advancing the transition to a circular economy.

WCEF 2024 will be hosted in Brussels, Belgium from April 15 to 18 2024, in collaboration with Circle Economy Foundation and the International Resource Panel, setting the vision for a circular economic model prioritizing well-being within the realms of sustainable development.

The main program on 15-16 of April includes the European Circular Economy Stakeholder Conference as well as plenary and parallel sessions exploring cross-cutting themes  like Bioeconomy, Infrastructure and manufactured goods. On the last two days of the conference, the accelerator sessions presented will allow attendees to understand the practical applications of circular economy, and visits to circular businesses in Belgium will also be arranged by the Belgian Presidency of the Council.

Physical attendance is possible only through invitation. However, the event will be streamed online, free and accessible to all.

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