The U.S. semiconductor industry is one of the world’s most advanced manufacturing and R&D sectors. The U.S. Semiconductor Ecosystem Map demonstrates the breadth of the industry, including locations conducting research and development (R&D), intellectual property and chip design software providers, chip design, semiconductor fabrication, and manufacturing by suppliers of semiconductor manufacturing equipment and materials. . 

Facts and figures

  • 43 out of 50 states have some sort of semiconductor related facility, whether in fabrication, equipment, materials and/or a university R&D partner (a map of where semiconductors are invested in can be found here: U.S. Semiconductor Ecosystem Map – Semiconductor Industry Association (
  • In 2022, the US had 48 percent of the global market share in semiconductors by value
  • The US Semiconductor industry maintains one of the highest research and development expenditures as a percent of sales
  • Semiconductors are the fifth highest export in the US, with exports comprising over 80 percent of sales

Recent Trends and Developments

  • The United States and the Netherlands signed a Joint Statement on Cooperation in Quantum Information Science and Technology in 2023, committing to linking scientific research communities and increase collaboration to grow the global QIST marketplace.
  • The United States and the Netherlands have engaged in a regular promote dialogue on semiconductor policy, exploring new avenues to increase collaboration on design, research collaboration and workforce development, and other elements.
  • Prime Minister Rutte and Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Micky Adriaansens visited semiconductor hubs in Arizona and California in 2023. The delegation, which included a large group of companies and research institutes from the Netherlands, visited a select group of counterparts in the United States. This included visits to Microsoft, NVIDIA, Applied Materials, AMD, and ASML facilities.
  • Sienza Energy, a California Institute of Technology incubated company, signed an MOU early 2024 with the Netherlands Battery Competence Cluster. Sienza Energy produces unique 3D nano-structured electrodes for electric batteries.
  • California and the province of Noord-Holland signed a partnership in March 2024 to work together on the development of drones as an equitable, sustainable and safe mode of transportation.
  • NASA welcomed the Netherlands as the newest member to the Artemis Accords, which establish a practical set of principles to guide space exploration cooperation. The Netherlands formally signed the accords in November 2023, becoming the 31st country to accede to the Accords.
  • Quantum Delta Netherlands joined the Regional Quantum Ecosystem Collaboration Agreement at the Quantum World Congress in September 2023 alongside founding members PQIC, Quantum Valley Ideas Lab and EQUS Australia. The agreement aims to align leaders to accelerate relationships in leading quantum regional ecossytems.


United States Support Entities present in the Netherlands

  • Embassy of the United States in the Hague
  • Consulate General of the United States, Amsterdam
  • American Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands
  • Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency (supports American companies investing in the Netherlands)
  • US Export Assistance Center
  • Professional Service Providers
  • Cultural and Community Organizations
  • Cenfluence
  • Orlando Semiconductor Manufacturing


Economic Visit of Prime Minister Rutte to the USA on Semiconductors

  • Visit to Phoenix, Arizona and San Francisco, California on December 4-6, 2023
  • Joined by Minister of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy Micky Adriaansens and chairman of VNO-NCW Ingrid Thijssen, and a delegation of 50 Dutch and Flemish companies
  • Visit to major companies in the semiconductor supply chain, including Microsoft, NVIDIA, Applied Materials, AMD, SEMI and academic institutes such as Stanford and Arizona State University
  • Tours of ASML and ASM facilities in the Phoenix area
  • Pitch session of Dutch startups in the ScaleNL accelerator to the US market

2024 SelectUSA Investment Summit

The Summit is dedicated to helping companies successfully land and expand in the United States and is a unique opportunity to ramp-up your professional network and knowledge about doing business in the United States. More information on:

Interesting reads

Spin waves for next-generation computing.

Scientists are currently working to develop next-generation computer systems which can process information quickly and flexibly but are also energy-efficient. The EU-funded SWING project also actively contributed to this goal. Their research has produced an innovative new method that could prove key to bringing these ‘super computers’ from the drawing board to reality.

Benign-by-design approach to nano-innovation

EU-funded researchers have developed a fresh ‘benign-by-design’ approach to balancing the commercial and societal benefits of nanomaterial innovations and their environmental impacts, which are notoriously difficult to pinpoint.

Teladoc Health

U.S.-based Teladoc Health, a virtual healthcare company with a global footprint, has carved out a thriving niche in the Netherlands. The company’s clear mission to transform the healthcare experience and enable people to live their healthiest lives, perfectly aligns with the Dutch goal to build a healthier world, together. The Netherlands’ business-friendly atmosphere and central location were key factors for Teladoc Health to set up operations in Amsterdam. In fact, the Netherlands’ efficiency and organization to set up a business stood out to executives. Teladoc Health implements and markets two main portfolios from its base in Amsterdam. One focuses on technology for hospitals. The other focuses on virtual care services, including access to primary care physicians, psychological services and dietary support to promote a healthy lifestyle. Teladoc Health – NFIA (


For more than 20 years, the US-based software firm InterSystems has been innovating digital healthcare solutions from its European base in the Netherlands. Through collaboration in the Dutch life sciences and health ecosystem, InterSystems is helping to advance e-health in the Netherlands and Europe. InterSystems is a global supplier of digital care platforms, electronic patient records (EPD), and integration software. The company is a pioneer in the field and it works closely with doctors and physicians to develop its expertise. InterSystems is well-connected to the healthcare ecosystem in the Netherlands through long-standing partnerships with companies such as Epic, a software developer for various UMCs and hospitals in the Netherlands. The Netherlands: Europe’s connected Life Sciences & Health hub (


Viasat is a leading global provider of communications solutions across a wide variety of technologies, including both satellite and terrestrial. As a vertically-integrated end-to-end satellite operator, Viasat designs and builds nearly every component of its network—from the satellite payloads and ground stations to the user terminals—to meet the market demand for reliable, affordable, fast, high-quality broadband connectivity. Viasat provides hundreds of millions of high-speed broadband connections every year to households, businesses, travelers and military personnel in the Americas, Asia Pacific and across Europe, Middle East and Africa. Today, Viasat Netherlands is an engineering Center of Excellence for Viasat and serves as Viasat’s logistics headquarters for its European broadband customer premise equipment. The recently expanded Amsterdam office is dedicated to research & development (R&D) and plays a key role in the development of innovative technologies for the next-generation ViaSat-3 ground segment. Reflective of the Netherlands as a magnet for international business and high-tech talent, Viasat Netherlands employees are from several nations. Viasat expects to double current headcount within the year and to double again the number of employees by the end of 2023. Viasat – NFIA (


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