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Replay webinar SensorChip by Bronkhorst High-Tech

Follow-up of the SensorChip project

The replay of the SensorChip webinar that High Tech NL organized in collaboration with Bronkhorst High-Tech on September 21 is now available:

Replay webinar SensorChip

Industrial and academic partners worked together in the SensorChip project to develop sensors for liquid flow, biogas detection and cancer diagnostics based on photonic chips.

Joost Lötters (Science Officer Bronkhorst High-Tech BV),  Wout Knoben (R&D / Project Manager Surfix), Peter van Arkel (Berenschot) and Willem Endhoven (High Tech NL) elaborated on the research and development activities of the SensorChip project and discussed the main results.

Within the high-tech world, we see an expansion of semiconductor technology towards new application areas in the medical and food sector, where new chipsets have a different production method and application… These application areas have different requirements but also offer the opportunity for new business opportunities!

Bronkhorst High-Tech B.V. and High Tech NL are both working on exploring and stimulating these new areas. The webinar is a good example of how we together seize the opportunity to inform about some interesting application areas in the high-tech SensorChip world.

About the project

The project is a collaboration between companies in the high-tech sector (Bronkhorst, Lionix, Surfix, Phix, Chilas, Qurin and SensorSense) and knowledge institutions (UTwente and Radboud University). The project has delivered three new optical sensor concepts in the areas of:

  • Micro-Coriolis mass flow sensing
  • Gas sensing of biogas composition: CH4-CO2
  • Early detection of (bladder) cancer[SensorChip-poster]
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