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The semiconductor industry, a pivotal force in the modern technological era, has witnessed Austria’s emergence as a significant player on the global stage. This growth is fueled by a strategic focus on innovation, research, and development, supported by robust networks, interesting reads, and recurring events in the field.

Facts & Figures

Investment in Innovation: Austria invests 3.25% of its GDP in innovation, a figure surpassing the Netherlands’ 2.2%. This commitment reflects in the quality and scale of technological advancements in the country.

Global Impact: Austrian companies like IMS Nanofabrication and EV Group play a crucial role in the global value chain, with their products being integral to the operations of giants like Intel and TSMC.


The Austrian semiconductor sector thrives on a network of public-private partnerships, collaboration between corporations and educational institutes, and cross-border cooperation, particularly with the Netherlands. These networks facilitate knowledge sharing, innovation, and the cultivation of a technologically advanced ecosystem.

The landscape is dominated by prominent companies like;

Interesting Reads

For those keen to delve deeper, there’s a wealth of literature and resources:

  • Case studies on successful Austrian semiconductor projects.
  • Articles on the evolution of Austria’s tech industry and its future prospects.
  • Research papers detailing the technological innovations and breakthroughs achieved within the Austrian semiconductor realm.

Reoccurring Events

Austria hosts several recurring events that serve as hubs for industry professionals, academicians, and enthusiasts to exchange ideas, forge collaborations, and stay abreast of the latest trends:

  1. Annual Semicon Austria Conference: A gathering of industry leaders to discuss trends, challenges, and opportunities.
  2. Tech Innovation Meetups: Regular meetups that bring together startups, investors, and established companies.
  3. University-Led Seminars and Workshops: Events focused on academic contributions to the semiconductor field.

In conclusion, Austria’s rise in the semiconductor industry is a result of strategic investment, diverse industry players, and a strong network that fosters innovation and collaboration. The blend of these elements not only positions Austria as a key player in the global market but also paves the way for future technological advancements.

Past events

Semicon Mission from the Netherlands to Austria: Collaboration and Innovative Encounters

The Semicon Mission from the Netherlands to Austria in April 2024, characterized by robust collaboration and innovative encounters, we recall as remarkable.

One of the highlights was our visit to Infineon Technologies Austria AG, where we were immersed in a world of impressive integration of research and development, design, and production. Visitors were amazed by the advanced technologies being applied and the opportunities for further collaboration between the Netherlands and Austria in this field.

Another memorable moment occurred during our meetings at Silicon Austria Labs (SAL), where engaging discussions took place regarding future collaborations in photonics. These conversations were not only enlightening but also opened doors to new opportunities for innovation and growth in the sector.

The Semicon Mission from the Netherlands to Austria was not only an opportunity to strengthen existing ties but also to explore and embrace new avenues of collaboration. It has inspired and encouraged us all to continue on the path of cross-border cooperation and technological advancement.

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