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Imagine yourself walking in the park, wondering. Suddenly your heartbeat raises, your heart tickles you a bit. It’s that awesome feeling of having an idea. An idea that contributes to our future. An idea that needs to be brought to life. An idea looking for a heart.


It all begins with a beating heart
We love new lives. New lives create new opportunities. New lives are precious. We believe that every new life deserves the best start, driven by a reliable heart. That’s why we create the beating heart of electronics: Printed Circuit Board Assemblies. Just to make sure that your product’s life starts in the best possible way.


So let’s partner up and create a heart!


Your products, (y)our precious
We understand that working with a heart demands extra precision and extra care. We also understand that your product is your precious, the apple of your eye. Therefore we understand that it is very exciting to put your product in somebody else’s hands. We promise you that you can trust us with your precious. We will make sure that your product gets all the attention, love and care it deserves. Happily given by our professionals, high-end machinery and all of our EPR-coloured heart. Together we will guide your product through its full lifecycle. In this way you will get that high quality product with a complex, reliable heart.


A product the world deserves.


Core services
New Product Introduction – Mature Product Manufacturing – Integration Services – Life Extension Services


Semicon – Industry – Health Sector – Aerospace – Scientific and Applied



We are looking forward to meet you!


EPR Partner
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