Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI)

Who We Are
As an incubator of 1,000 patents per year and the winner of R&D 100 award for nine consecutive years, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has proven its contribution to the high tech industry by nurturing 259 innovative star-ups and spinoffs over four decades. Founded as a non-profit applied research institute in 1973 in Taiwan, ITRI has dedicated to spearheading emerging industry and enhancing the competitiveness of existing industries.


What We Do

Being a well-developed country in Asia, Taiwan is faced with the same societal challenges as Europe is. Therefore, Smart Living, Quality Health, and Sustainable Environment become the three key application domains in ITRI and thus stimulate pertinent R&D activities in six areas, comprising ICT, Electronics, Advanced Manufacturing, Biomedical, Material & Chemicals, and Energy & Environment. One of exemplary innovation outcomes is the success of ITRI startup FREE Bionics, a developer of walking assistive exoskeleton robot founded in 2016. It announced the cooperation with the largest medical device marketing agent in Japan, USCI Japan Ltd., expected to distribute the product to more than 10 Japanese hospitals. This cooperation marks the first step for this startup to tap into the global market.


How We Contribute

Growing as one of leading applied research institutes in Asia, ITRI values and emphasizes the importance of international cooperation and open innovation. These two factors are the keys to success when pursuing advanced R&D. In line with this emphasis, ITRI set up its Netherlands Office in High Tech Campus Eindhoven in 2013. ITRI Netherlands office would like to partner with Dutch knowledge triangle to raise awareness of ITRI as a leading Asian R&D institute, to explore cooperation of high impact technology, and to bridge the opportunity for integrated innovative solutions. You are more than welcome to contact us with the following information.


ITRI - Industrial Technology Research Institute
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