Diamond Kimberlit

The company

Diamond is a worldwide leader in supplying high precision fiber optic solutions and has been serving successfully several markets for over 30 years. Also, Diamond is known as a dynamic and innovative company, able to develop reliable, customized components and equipment, in response to the increasingly demanding customer requirements.



Diamond provides a wide range of products based on sophisticated technology and its strong know-how acquired over many years. Manufacturing special fiber-optic interconnecting parts is our core business, a specialization that allows us to meet the most different kinds of customer’s needs.


Manufacturing depth

Diamond has a well-established competence in processing high-quality ceramic, metal and plastic components, right from the raw material to the finished product. This system allows the various manufacturing processes to be controlled and enables us to guarantee that each single component meets all the quality, reliability and performance standards which stand for Diamond products throughout the world.


Mechanical competences

  • Integrated Ceramic production (pressing, sintering, machining)
  • Precision metal machining in non-standard metals (TI,WC, Kovar, stainless ,...)
  • High precision plastic injection
  • Ultra-high precision lapping
  • Ultra-high precision drilling
  • Fiber-ferrule polishing 


Optical competences

  • Fiber active core alignment
  • Active Polarization Orientation
  • Contact optical interfaces
  • Non-Contact optical interfaces
  • High power optical applications
  • 3D linear (X,Y,Z) active fiber positioning  Multi-Channel concepts


Assembly competences

  • Large Core Fiber
  • Small Core Fiber
  • Multi Core Fiber
  • Photonic Crystal Fiber



Nikhef, CERN, ASML, TNO, ESA, NASA, ECN, Mapper, Philips, Thales, Dutch Defense, Fugro, Fokker Elmo, TU Eindhoven, TU Delft, UTwente, Leiden University and many more


Diamond Kimberlit

Palmpolstraat 47

1327 CB Almere

Website: www.diamond-kimberlit.nl



Ivar Koren, Technical Product Manager

Telefoon: +31 (0)36 535 87 35

E-mail: ...

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