Velocitas is a consultancy firm in the area of business development; its mission is to compel companies to expand now. We help customers define and develop their markets, and accompany them to sufficient maturity in running its market development autonomously. After clear definition of the company’s context, and the investigation of economic feasibility, Velocitas refines the chosen strategy in daily operations. And most important: during the development phase we commit to doing it. Generating new business is in our DNA.            

Mathijs van Doorslaer, consultant business development:
Nowadays companies are confronted by a rapidly changing context, where ‘value creation’ comes increasingly into question. It even touches the true reason for being and most companies find it difficult to cope with. Velocitas approaches this challenge with a ‘holistic’ vision and converts the investigated findings into relevant and practical advice. We help companies in their first and further steps, when (thinking of) going to the market.                

After 10 years and more than 3000 projects, our 30 professionals in Breda (NL), Antwerp, Wavre (BE), and Bertrange (LUX) are open to help:


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