Mecal High-tech / Systems

MECAL is an independent engineering consultancy and design house providing a wide range of integrated OEM product solutions in the global Wind/Energy and High-tech/Systems markets. MECAL counts over 130 employees and has offices in the Netherlands (Enschede (HQ), Eindhoven and Groningen), Denmark, USA, China and Japan.


MECAL - the name is short for MEchanical CALculations - started off with analytical services in 1989, using finite-element methods, and gradually expanded, adding (model-based) development, engineering, prototyping and series production to its portfolio.


Our Strengths:

  • Model-based design (i.a. FEM / CFD) to drive and validate design choices.
  • Shorten the development process by reducing the need for physical prototyping.
  • First time right development and engineering of High Tech Systems: mechatronics modules, precision machines and instrumentation.
  • Active vibration isolation products via configure to order.


Maarten van Beijnum, Account Manager Analysis:

"Cooperation and customer intimacy is important to develop High Tech Systems. The High Tech NL platform is one of the opportunities to stay in contact with business relations. MECAL wants to contribute with our competences to the innovation drive in the Netherlands. Model based design is a good foundation for innovative product development. "


MECAL High-tech / Systems
De Witbogt 17
5652AG Eindhoven
Telefoon: 040 - 2302 700


Capitool 15
7521 PL Enschede
Telefoon: 053 - 482 1400


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