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Technological developments such as microelectronic devices with smaller features and faster operating speeds, higher-power electro-mechanical machines, and brighter optical devices are driving increased thermal loads and require advancements in cooling.

As per Moore’s Law, the number of transistors per square inch on integrated circuits roughly doubles every year, which is assumed to continue for the foreseeable future. This will result in more powerful electronic devices that generate more heat. Improper and non-uniform dissipation of this heat affects the reliability and performance of the electronics.

Conventional cooling technologies are not sufficient for the increasing cooling requirement of future electronics. In current liquid cooled systems, water or other coolants are being used.

Our solution enhances the thermal performance of these base-fluids (eg. water) by converting them into nanofluid. This is done by suspending nanoparticles in the base-fluid to develop stable, highly reliable and thermally superior nanofluids. These nanofluids are made by dispersing nanometer-sized particles of metals (Al, Cu, Ti) or metal oxide (Al2O3, CuO, TiO2) in base-fluid. Nanofluids can possess up to 40% higher thermal conductivity compared to base-fluid and can be more effective cooling agents than the base-fluid. Nanofluids can replace liquids in both active and passive cooling systems.

Markets Benefit of using nanofluids
High Tech equipment – electromechanical machines Faster speeds
Increased productivity
Reduced downtime
Data centers Reduced electricity consumption
Compact cooling systems reducing floor area
Heat recovery from servers possible
High power LED Lighter and compact heat sinks
More freedom to design the luminaire or cooling system
Higher intensity of light and more focus
Increased efficiency of optical device
High-power electronics – Laptops, power converters, automotive batteries etc. Compact design
Higher performance and lifetime
Reduced risk of failure
Longer battery life

We believe in collaborative projects where custom coolants can be manufactured for each specific application and customer requirement. Contact us to start a feasibility study and pilot project to make your Electronics smaller, faster and cooler!!

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