Smart Industry Assistant B.V.

Smart Industry 4.0 Assistant (SIA) is an easy-to-use data science tool that will reduce production waste in Manufacturing companies by over 50% while increasing profitability with more than 6% – using just existing data from your current processes and without you having to worry about data analytics at all!

SIA offers a simple data extraction, -analysis and -feedback platform which allows different users such as machine operators, quality engineers & management to timely act to improve product quality & sustainability.

SIA is a proprietary product of Bright Cape (est. 2014), a fast-growing Dutch-based data analytics & science SME with currently ~90 employees and Manufacturing & Automotive as one of its core focus areas. SIA‰Ûªs first results based on existing data from current customers are very promising: e.g. reduction of scrap with 50%, product life increase with 2.5x, increase of EBIT with 6%, reduction of incident downtime with 25% or increase of revenue with 2%.

Most companies currently look back in time (‰Û÷what happened‰Ûª) with BI tools or based on gut feel to perform limited & basic analytics – despite more and more Manufacturing data becoming available. Whenever more advanced data analytics is used, this is mostly the result of expensive & time-consuming manual (consulting) activities. SIA makes data analytics accessible & affordable and will solve the Why (forward looking to make predictions), What (determine best use cases) & How (provide an easy-to-use tool that requires no data analytics knowledge enabled by our data driven experience research & development).

Interested to know more? We will gladly explain & discuss how SIA can benefit your production process while leaving your core operations unmodified!

Smart Industry Assistant BV (SIA)

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