SEGULA Technologies Nederland BV

A High Tech Engineering Company

SEGULA Technologies Nederland BV develops advanced intelligent systems, in particular for the High Tech industry in the Benelux.
Segula Technologies Nederland BV was established in 2010. We apply the knowledge of non-linear systems (systems architecture and modeling, analysis, mechanics, mechatronics, electronics, software, system integration, calibration and validation) to projects and conduct mid to largescale projects, ranging from studies to industrialization and production.

Beschrijving branches Segula Technologies

We are part of the SEGULA Group; an engineering group with a global presence, helping boost competitiveness within all of the major Industrial sectors: automotive, aeronautics, energy, rail, naval, pharmaceutical and petrochemical. Present in 32 countries, with 140 offices, the Group fosters a close relationship with its customers thanks to the expertise of its 12.000 employees.

As well as advanced control of large machines, including complete modelling of all internal vibration modes and the development of an autonomous robot platform to execute a task in cooperative control and an undefined environment by means of multiple sensors input.

We are working for instance on projects within the field of aerodynamics on vehicles to optimize fuel consumption. Flow and heat distribution and control for thermal problems and/or heating processes.

Mechatronic modules, also for cleanroom environment, used as production and service tooling are being developed by us for different customers.

Our mission is to connect ourselves with the goals and objectives of our customers. Making the right choices within a project at the right time is made possible by our unique (project) approach. This approach is based on a systems architecture concept, supported by solid project management.
Model Driven Development is central in our approach; it’s applied in various phases of the project. Ultimately this results in a project that satisfies the given requirements.



Our responsiveness is an advantage when it comes to recruiting new talents that allow us quickly to respond to the specific needs of our customers and partners, while at the same time adapting to technological developments.


Our ambition is to serve the ambitions of our customers. As a leading engineering company, our success lies in our ability to projects ourselves and to share our love of challenges with our teams and stakeholders.


The international presence of Segula Technologies is a strength that we continue to cultivate every day. With 140 sites around the world we can pay close attention to our customers and adapt perfectly to local differences.


Research and innovation forms the core of our engineering projects. Our know-how in projects such as connectivity, renewable energies, energy consumption and many others open up exciting prospects.

SEGULA Technologies Nederland BV
De Witbogt 2
5652 AG Eindhoven

Oprichtingsjaar: 2010
Aantal medewerkers: 40
Contactpersoon: Patrick Smulders

Telefoon: 040 8517 500

Kwaliteitscertificering: ISO 9001

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