Probotics BV

Probotics BV is an AGV-supplier, AGV manufacturer and system integrator of AGV fleets for High Tech part manufacturing companies. Probotics AGV-systems significanty improves the productivity of our customers by automating internal goods movements between work stations and between stores, quality control etc. Our systems connect to the customers ERP- and production planning systems to automate the flow of goods via our AGV‰Ûªs.

Our strength

Our strength comes on one hand from our understanding of the challenges by our customers to improve flexibility and tracibility while reducing cost and improving productivity. On the other hand we thoroughly understand AGV technology and its capabilities. We know how to implement safety around an AGV-fleet. We supply and support different brands like BlueBotics, Adept, Knapp, MiR. And last but not least, our Packman range of AGV‰Ûªs can be tailored to specific customer requirements w.r.t. payloads and load sizes. Even automatic (un)loading, docking, charging of our Packman range as well as on the other brands are all part of our engineering and delivery.

Solutions for the following markets

Manufacturing industry, in milling/turning, 3D printing ‰Û¢ Coating, etc. ‰Û¢ Injection moulding ‰Û¢ Sheet metal manufacturing ‰Û¢ Automotive assembly ‰Û¢ Machine assembly ‰Û¢ Hospitals ‰Û¢ Professional care

Product range

System integration and project management of AGV fleet integration ‰Û¢ Consultancy in selecting the best AGV-solution (analyzing logistic requirements and and possible solutions) ‰Û¢ Packman modular AGV system ‰Û¢ AGV-pallet movers ‰Û¢ Supply and integration of other brands like MiR, Adept, Knapp

Henk Kiela, COE of Probotics BV

“There are several reasons for us to be a High Tech NL member. åÊA new and emerging market for logistic AGV‰Ûªs in our Dutch manufacturing industry requires a strong network of technology partners, research institutes and certainly our competitors to develop a common innovation agenda, accessible for SME‰Ûªs. We definitely need the network of High Tech NL to create national and international awareness of our services and products.”

Probotics BV
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Telefoon: 06 – 44 73 24 69

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