New Cosmos – BIE

New Cosmos – BIE is a supplier of stationary and portable (gas) detection equipment, mixing high qualified gas detectors with smart forms of communication suitable for applications in Semiconductor and Photovoltaic as well as any other type of industry.
Started in Europe over 25 years ago with a wide range of detectors for the Semiconductor Industry, New Cosmos ‰ÛÒ BIE is effectively since early 2011 a part of the global New Cosmos organization. Together with our 60 years old parent company, based in Japan, New Cosmos ‰ÛÒ BIE serves beside Europe also customers in the Middle East and North Africa.
Whilst continuing the development of products and combining the excellent technology from both sides we aim to create a safer world with a reduced number of accidents in the industry and living environment.

Our strengths:

‰Û¢ Sensor technology in house ‰Û¢ Over 50 years of experience ‰Û¢ Reliability ‰Û¢ Unique Selectivity ‰Û¢ Long life time ‰Û¢ Extended range of sensors for different gasses

Solutions for the following markets:

‰Û¢ New Energy Markets ‰Û¢ Gas & Oil Exploration ‰Û¢ Chemical & Petrochemical ‰Û¢ Automotive Industry ‰Û¢ Laboratories ‰Û¢ Micro Electronics ‰Û¢ PV Industry ‰Û¢ Tunnels, parking garages ‰Û¢ Robotics ‰Û¢ Power houses

Product range:

‰Û¢ Fixed gas detectors (diffusion/suction) ‰Û¢ Portable gas detectors ‰Û¢ Alarm systems ‰Û¢ Software supervision systems ‰Û¢ Grease /oilåÊ dust meter ‰Û¢ Odor level indicators ‰Û¢ Residential detectors

Martine Zegers, General Manager of New Cosmos – BIE:

“We have become a member of High Tech NL, because of the fact that in this network we feel there are a lot of companies which we could work together with, not only for projects in The Netherlands but also worldwide. So our objective is to increase our name awareness within the network, to explain our strengths and to see how we could be of added value to each other. Especially in times where competition is high, working with strategic partners could be a good solution. In addition to that talking with each other at network events is a good opportunity to do so.”

New Cosmos BIE
Maxwellstraat 71704
SG Heerhugowaard

Telefoon: 072 – 576 56 30

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