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In business, critical decisions are often based on wishful thinking or unchallenged assumptions, because the necessary facts & figures are difficult to find and time is limited. This is dangerous and unnecessary. Innovation plans, new business development, competitive strategies and marketing campaigns should all be grounded in solid market intelligence (MI). Hammer, Market Intelligence clarifies the defining trends and uncovers what your competitors are up to. By providing fact-based insights in your market(s), Hammer enables you to uncover new opportunities.


  • Project-based MI: Market research and competitor analysis. This can include: strategic and business planning, impact assessment of major events (such as mergers and acquisitions), scouting and validating opportunities for new business and innovation, and/or background information for investment and financing decisions.
  • Subscription-based Market Monitor: Quantitative and qualitative market trends insights on a continuous basis. Hammer Market Monitor provides clients with data and developments made available in regular reports or on a customized dashboard.

Why Hammer?

It‰Ûªs Hammer‰Ûªs strength to find what others can‰Ûªt by using research methods which are both professional and inventive. Hammer goes to great lengths to get what you need, even if that leads to using unconventional methods.
Hammer only works with the best people in market research, business analysis and information technologies. Our people have been working for years in Agri, Food, Pharma, Chemicals, Health, ICT and Media, Government, and Consultancy.

Egbert Philips, Director at Hammer, Market Intelligence

‰ÛÏWe are inquisitive, persistent and practical. And we have a strong methodological background in market research and market intelligence. We know what type of information is needed, where to find it and how to uncover it. Our clients choose Hammer because we deliver what we promise, we provide clear and understandable insights and our data sets are unusually complete and up to date.‰Û

Hammer B.V.
Jansbuitensingel 30
6811 AE Arnhem
Website: www.hammer-intel.com

Contactpersoon: Egbert Philips (Director)
Telefoon:åÊ06 – 53 64 27 74
E-mail: egbert@hammer-intel.com

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