Fast and accurate flowmeasurement of all liquids from purified water to corrosives.
Single Use aseptic instruments for bio-pharmaceutical applications.

Flowmeister is your local expert in liquid flow-measurement. From monitoring purified water in cooling systems, dosing of highly corrosive etching liquid up to bio-pharmaceutical batch-monitoring: flow-measurement adds safety to the balance. Next to flow-measurement, also flow-control is in our portfolio.

Towards multiple industries, Flowmeister represents FlowMax® instruments, developed and manufactured by the German company MIB GmbH. The three main OEM-industries are high tech, chemical and (bio-)pharmaceutical. A fourth branche is food & beverage.

The ultrasonic instruments physically benefit from an open bore, without moving parts. There’s only one wetted part, no dead spaces or gaps. Low cost and high chemical resistance are established with body-materials like HDPE+, POM, PP, PFA, PSU (and others on demand). Inherent to the ultrasonic measuring principle, a fast, accurate and repeatable measurement brings excellent results in pulsating flow and even reverse-flow. All instruments can be ordered with three- or eight-point calibration certificate.

Interesting integrated features are:

  • Air bubble detection
  • One-button-teaching new liquids
  • Liquid identification by actual speed of sound
  • Flow limit-switch
  • Totalizer
  • Temperature reading
  • Standard analogue, pulse- and RS485-output
  • Food-grade hygienic design available, EHEDG

A specific model is FlowMax 242i which is a Single Use aseptic flowmeter, with permanent electronics and a disposable measuring tube. This brings the highest level of cleanliness and contamination control in your process. The calibrated measuring tubes stand for flexibility as well, different bore-sizes can easily be swapped without compromises to accuracy.


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