CS Clean Systems Benelux B.V.

For CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS, environmental protection is the essence of our business. Our eco-friendly CLEANSORB technology safely removes hazardous waste gases without consuming energy, water or fuel. There are no secondary emissions to the environment in the form of waste water or NOx. Moreover, all of our products are designed for lifetime serviceability and re-use.

Research & Development

We are an industrial orientated company, supported by an international team of chemists, physicists and engineers, bringing with them many years of experience in materials handling and engineering. All of our products, including our CLEANSORB chemisorber granulates, are developed in-house from the conception to the tested finished product stage.

Best Prepared for the Future

The process technologies and precursor materials used for chip manufacture continue to diversify against the background of a maturing, globalized industry with increased emphasis on Cost-of-Ownership. At the same time, growing environmental awareness is demanding more efficient usage of materials and a reduction in factory emissions. Proud of our reputation for innovative product design and high-quality engineering, CS CLEAN SOLUTIONS is best prepared and fully committed to solving these exciting new challenges. We look forward to serving you in the years ahead.

CS Clean Systems Benelux B.V.
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