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Sensors enable the world of tomorrow

Our story is about more than sensors & controls. It is about ambition. It is about evolution. It is about shaping the future. The development of our sensors and our expert technical knowledge is not only art of our profession, they actively shape the future. Because sensors can do more. Tools are what lifted people above the animals. And our sensors & controls are the ultimate tools. Sensors give us the power to measure things that are incredibly heavy. Or immense. Or tiny. They give us the power to see in the dark. Into space. To venture into the deep sea. They open worlds normally not accessible for human beings. Sensors give us the ability to realize even the biggest dreams. To capture things that go beyond our senses. They give us the knowledge and confidence we need to create, develop, and explore new places.

We provide confidence for visionary engineers

If you can dream it, you can build it. That is why our sensors are often part of a much bigger plan, like the Ocean Cleanup, the Hyperloop or the high-tech robots of Pal Robotics. But it is not size that matters to us. It’s the challenge. We love solving problems. Nothing is too small to deserve the highest accuracy. No dream is too big. No decimal too small. Whatever the measuring job, there is always an engineer behind it. With an idea, a plan, a vision. Someone who sees the bigger picture. Every day we team up with these engineers. We share expertise and we ensure that they have the right tools for the job. We give them the confidence to dream bigger, so that even the biggest dreams become reality.

About Althen Sensors & Controls

Since 1978, Althen stands for advanced, customer-specific sensor and measurement solutions. We offer a wide range of standard products but have the ability to fully customize a sensor or measurement system to meet the specific needs of our customers. We provide measurement solutions for test & measurement, OEM-applications and Industrial IoT.

Our specializations are:

  • Standard & custom sensors for all physical principles
  • Plug & Play Measurement Systems
  • Turn key Instrumentation
  • Standard & custom Joystick Controllers
  • Calibration, engineering & consulting
  • Extensive experience in all kinds of industries

We are happy to be part of this community of technology companies and hope to realize new partnerships within the High Tech NL network.

Althen Sensors & Controls
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