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Innovation & business creation

High Tech NL is the sector organization by and for innovative Dutch high-tech companies and knowledge institutes. High Tech NL is committed to the collective interests of the sector, with a focus on long-term innovation and international collaboration. Members share their knowledge, look for ways to cooperate and use the powerful network to become more successful innovators.

Successful cooperation

Cooperation and innovation form an important foundation for success. The long-term perspective of the high-tech industry demands continuous innovation and therefore cooperation between industry and knowledge institutes. No single company can master all technologies needed to generate true innovations/substantial breakthrough innovations. Creating a network where companies and institutes can find technology partners in the Netherlands and abroad, is the main goal for High Tech NL.

Would you like to cooperate and innovate with Dutch companies and knowledge institutes (technical universities and research institutes)? High Tech NL opens the doors to successful cooperation!

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Innovation does not stop at the country’s border. High Tech NL fully supports the European ambitions for intensifying European and international collaborations. Connecting to the leading high-tech clusters in Europe provides Dutch companies and institutes with access to innovative partners throughout Europe. Participation in European projects (for example the EuroCPS and Silicon Europe projects) is an explicit example of our international collaborative innovation.

Powerful network

High Tech NL incorporates approximately 150 organizations; from small to large companies and knowledge institutes. In order to strengthen the network, High Tech NL works together with over 30 other networks, development companies, professional organizations and clusters both in the Netherlands and beyond.

High Tech NL network

High Tech NL: an indispensible partner

Interested in becoming part of our ecosystem and finding out what our network can do for you? Please contact Willem Endhoven, Managing Director of High Tech NL, via willem.endhoven@hightechnl.nl or +31 88 555 43 33. Or contact Ben van der Zon, Program manager International Projects, via ben.van.der.zon@hightechnl.nl or +31 88 555 43 33.