ESI Webinar Day 2020 | Digital Enablement

On Tuesday October 6 ESI is organizing a webinar day with the theme: digital enablement. Throughout the day you can attend webinars on three hot topics from the world of complex high-tech systems. As you see below, the webinars will feature speakers from industry, ESI and universities that introduce the problem and explore solutions, followed by discussion with all participants.  Moreover we will program extra time following the webinars in the so-called ‘webinar cafés’.


Programme ESI webinar day 2020, Tuesday October 6

  • 10h00-11h30 webinar 1:* Remote collaboration in research and engineering
  • 13h30-15h00 webinar 2:* MBSE – adoption and added value
  • 15h30-17h00 webinar 3:* Intelligent diagnostics

*Start of the webinar café (informal discussions) directly after the official closing time and platform webinars: MSTeams


More information & registration ESI Webinar Day 2020


ESI is organizing this ESI webinar day as a stepping stone to the ESI symposium that the corona pandemic forced us to shift to April 20, 2021, which by that time hopefully can take place in the familiar form. In this webinar day we see a great opportunity to exchange ideas with you. The learnings and output of the discussions will be valuable input to the symposium in April. Please register now.


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