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Workshop Photonic Production Equipment

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The High Tech Systems Center of the Eindhoven University of Technology and High Tech NL will organise a workshop on production equipment necessary for production of photonic devices



Date: September 25 2019

Venue: near Eindhoven, details will follow

Time: 13:30 -18:30



The workshop is intended for representatives of photonic device developing/producing organisations and representatives of equipment developing/producing companies.


More details on the workshop will follow in August. 







The purpose of the workshop is to retrieve the needs of producers of photonic devices with respect to the production equipment that is needed for efficient, reliable and high yield/quality production of photonic (sub)systems and components.


Currently the equipment used originates largely from the semiconductor world and is therefore not always optimal for the production of photonic devices. Also new aspects like alignment of light paths is new and challenging.


As the photonic systems market is still in her infancy the number of production equipment is still low due to the relatively small production volumes. Therefore, established OEMs from the semiconductor industry find it hard to justify large investments for the development of equipment (aimed at large equipment series). However, 1st and 2nd tier suppliers do have all the needed capabilities and can often work in a single system-based project context.


Based on the collected needs, machine building companies (OEM, 1st and 2nd tier) can propose solutions and implement those solutions through projects. The High-Tech Systems Centre of the TU/e (HTSC) will act as coordinator of the program (containing all identified projects) and provide scientific support where needed.


The process

The process to arrive at the actual identification and execution of projects leading to adequate equipment for the production of photonic devices and systems is foreseen as follows.

  • In a one afternoon workshop selected producers of photonic devices and systems will present their production challenges to and audience of selected and interested equipment builders (OEM, 1st and 2nd tier).
  • During the workshop the first discussions on the needs and possible solutions will take place and equipment manufacturers will get a view on where their expertise can be helpful.
  • The workshop will be concluded with drafting the first list of possible projects that will build the Photonic Production Equipment Development (PPED) program and by agreeing on the way forward to the actual building and execution of the program.
  • Based on the initial list of projects, the HTSC will draft outlines for each of the projects and discus these with the stake holders. This may require several further consultations.
  • The project outlines will consequently serve as starting point to bring photonic device manufacturers, equipment builders and the HTSC together to build the projects.



More details will follow in the coming period. If you want to have more information you can contact:


Ton Peijnenburg (HTSC): ...

Ben van der Zon (HTNL): ...




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