Developing test technology

Salland Test Technology Symposium 2019

We currently live in a dynamic world where technology evolves very fast. Furthermore, technology has more and more impact on our daily lives. To keep up with this trend, we need to develop versatile technology to test the chips that come with these technological advancements. This - at itself - introduces a variety of new challenges in the world of chip testing, e.g.: increasing functionality in smaller sized chips, extremely fast bitrates, processing huge amounts of data and capturing miniscule (non-electrical) signals.


If you are interested in taking part in discussions on the evolution of chip testing and the challenges that come with the development of versatile test technology, then you are invited to visit the Test Technology Symposium on September 26 and 27, 2019. Confirmed presenters so far come from Advantest, AMS, Cohu, Graphcore, MASER Engineering, NI, PTSL, Teradyne, YieldHUB and others.


The event will be adjacent to the TUGx Seminar organized by Teradyne on September 25th.


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