Robotics Benelux

Robotics Benelux is supplier of robotica components and distributor of Comau Robotics within the Benelux region. We provide high-end robotic solutions with our team of specialists, for singular models to complete robotic lines. It’s our mission to make industry 4.0 easy accessible with our robots. Comau is globally known for their “body assembly lines” and a trendsetter within the Automotive and Aerospace industry. Referring to; Daimler, ESA, Chrysler, Maserati, Land Rover, Caterpillar, Volvo, Bentley, Jaguar, John Deere, B/E Aerospace, Boeing and Airbus. To fullfil the numerously growing questions for robotic employability within the industry Comau made a strategic decision for an exclusive co-operation with Robotics Benelux. With this step we are providing low entry accessibility for our robotic solutions.


Contactpersoon 1: Dirk de Man, Sales Manager

Telefoon: +31 (0) 6 86 86 21 88

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Contactpersoon 2: Michiel H.J. Brink, Managing Director


Robotics Benelux

De Aaldor 10A

4191 PC Geldermalsen


Telefoon: +31 (0)345 760 750

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